Service and maintenance

We provide service and maintenance of reciprocating and screw compressors brands Sabroe, Frick, Gram, Stal, VMY and Grasso. We provide emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days an year. Guaranteed time of technician arrival is always embedded in a specific service contract. Service technicians are located throughout the Czech Republic.

Based on customer requirements, we perform maintenance inspections and controls of compressors, in which we follow the priority of current possibilities of production, operation and the need to ensure the cold. Given to our experience, we recommend all operators of refrigeration and freezing equipment, compressors perform service inspections in accordance with the operating and maintenance manuals manufacturing factories according to the number of actual operating hours of compressor or alternatively preventive annual inspections of the equipment, it always depends what comes first. This is in our view the only true way to ensure a long service life with minimal equipment failures and downtime.

We always try to give priority to its own economic aspect to service. It is our professional goal to highlight the about all the necessary maintenance work and work that they might not be required on his part. Acts and omissions of these works may result in more repeat visits of the service technicians and increase the total cost of all necessary servicing equipment.

As a professional company we know what your equipment requires and what negative consequences of a possible failure of some service operations in the future could done on the operation of your device. We believe that by performing a complete servicing and operations recommended by the manufacturer extends the life of compressors and thereby reduce the cost of annual servicing of the installed equipment.

The range of maintenance work carried out is recommended to include the control of main units and control components, which include injection valves, solenoid valves, stop valves, floats, valve stations, frequency converters, liquid filters etc.

To perform maintenance inspections and controls of compressors we deliver the required range of spare parts, most of which are available in our stock. We are able to provide for you special spare parts in a very short time, thanks to our direct cooperation with manufacturers of these components.

Time-and volume-intensive service will perform our own service engineers, in cooperation with our service partners.