We provide periodic revision of safety valves, pressure vessels and revision of machinery room in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, including ČSN EN 378

Regular annual revision of the safety valves is performed on-site on a test bench pressure. Valves are pressurized to the test pressure of the oil filling. In case of a leak valve is used service sets, valve is repaired and installed back. Subsequently we made out for the operator a separate revision test protocol of each valve.

We provide regular inspections of installed pressure vessels that are part of the installed cooling equipment. If you are missing or have lost pressure vessel passport, we are able to review the necessary documents to issue the passport.

We provide regular health and safety training for operators of industrial ammonia equipment and operating staff working with ammonia. Servicing of refrigeration and freezing equipment will be trained professionally according to the type of installed technology. We will perform at your hands-on training of maintenance and service of main and control valves, safety and stop valves and electronic control.