Plate heat exchangers

We provide service and maintenance of gasketed plate heat exchangers, which are part of the cooling systems.

According to the pollution state of plates chemical cleaning is done without dismounting the plates heat exchanger. If chemical cleaning of heat transfer surfaces was ineffective, it is possible to perform mechanical cleaning on-site or at a service center.

If it‘s elected the variant of mechanical treatment in a specialized service center the exchanger plates will be dismounted, followed by performing renovation, diagnosis and installing new gaskets.

The service center is equipped with a chemical bath to remove dirt and old gasket, control technologies of plate deformation and possible cracks. So there is no corrosion on the plates, surface plates are clean and ideally prepared for installation of new gaskets.

Professional service of plate heat exchangers has a positive economic impact. Resetting the maximum heat transfer and efficiency, secured its design operating parameters and ensure the overall economy of reconstructed exchanger.