About the company

Ice Hockey team RefriSoccer team Refri

We are sponsoring soccer and ice hockey teams "Refri".

Proved company

This year our company was rewarded with certificate "Proved company 2015" for providing quality service, professional attitude towards our customers and for having accountable company management.

Curling Arena Prague

Since year 2013 we are providing service and emergency service for the only curling hall in Czech Republic - Curling Arena Prague.

Ice Hockey World Championship 2015

During the Ice Hockey World Championship 2015 we were providing service and emergency for the ice ring cooling system for O2 Arena / Bestsport Arena in Prague.

Refri Systems Ltd. is a rapidly growing private company with 100% of the Czech capital. Our main activity is a complex service associated with the maintenance of reciprocating and screw compressors Sabroe, Frick, Gram, Stal, VMY and Grasso, cooling and freezing units, which use ammonia or CO2 as refrigerants. Our service partners provide the required spare parts including oils for compressors Sabroe, Frick, Gram, Stal, VMY and Grasso.

The activity of the company is the service of installed evaporators, air condensers and cooling towers, plate heat exchangers, controls, and control valves, electronic control system, recovery etc.

We provide our service by technicians with high skills. Due to their long-term practical experience with service units and compressors Sabroe, Frick, Gram, Stal, VMY and Grasso are leaders in their field in the Czech Republic. If you require a comprehensive supply of new equipment, modernization or reconstruction of existing equipment, we are ready to provide this for you. Our company cooperates with leading manufacturers of equipment and components of ammonia in industrial refrigeration.

We provide regular health and safety training for operators of industrial ammonia equipment and operating staff working with ammonia. For operating staff we provide training on operation and maintenance of installed equipment, or realize the practical training of maintenance and service control valves and electronic control. We provide periodic revision of safety valves, pressure vessels and machinery rooms revisions in accordance with ČSN EN 378 1 – 4.

Our customers include breweries, meat packing plants, dairies, freezing plants, food cooling and manufacturing facilities, ice-hockey stadiums, petrochemical industry, fruit and vegetable stores, distribution warehouses.


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